Type of disability: All

Askøy vg skole,Hovedbygning

  • Søre myrane 12
  • 5300
  • Kleppestø
  • Building name: Askøy videregående skole
  • The main building at Askøy Secondary School has four floors. An entrance with four doors is located on the ground floor, and there is also a side entrance on the first floor. The main entrance has access from the school space in the building main section. There are no accessible car parking spaces in the vicinity of the entrance. The school has a lift and a single accessible HC toilet.

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Destination Type
Rom 114 HCWC Bathroom and toilet
Rom 129 Kantine Cafeteria, conference room
Disk Bibliotek Desk
Disk PC - Service Desk
kantinedisk Desk
Rom 120 auditorium Hall with stage
Rom 216 bibliotek Library in room
Ekspedisjon Reception
Rom 024 Elevråd Room
Rom 025a PC - Service Room