Type of disability: All

Bathroom and toilet: HCWC

Property Measurement Standard
Door handle has fittings for wheelchair users No Should be found if the door is outward opening
Size of room
Breadth 2630 mm
Depth 3000 mm
Space for movement in bathroom/toilet
Width 1980 mm Minst 1500 mm
Depth 1230 mm Minst 1500 mm
Passage/corridor width 1980 mm Minimum 900 mm
Space to the left of WC 1060 mm Minimum 900 mm
Space to the right of WC 1060 mm Minimum 900 mm
Height of the toilet seat 480 mm Between 480 and 500 mm.
Distance before toilet to back wall (deactivated) 885 mm Minst 700mm
Luminance contrast toilet / background Medium Should be good or medium
Width of shower tub 1560 mm Shower area at least 1600x1300 mm
Depth of shower tub 2020 mm Shower area at least 1600x1300 mm
Width of the entrance 1010 mm Minimum 860 mm
Hand shower Yes
Shower head with adjustable height Yes Should be height-adjustable
Shower chair No Bør være tilgjengelig
Handle No Will be in place
Fixture Twisting knob Should be single-lever, or electronic / pushbutton
Anti-scald temperature control Yes Should have scald protector
colour contrast between shower and room Medium Should be good or medium
Safety in bath
Light and contrast conditions in bathroom/toilet
Contrast between wall and floor Good Should be good or medium
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Possible obstacles in the route to this destination

  • Number of wheelchair spaces :  0
  • Induction loop signs :  No
  • Height of switches :  1320 mm
  • Width of lift door :  880 mm
  • Width of lift :  1010 mm
  • Depth of lift :  1450 mm
  • Seatingarrangement in the lift :  No
  • Mirror :  On the opposite wall in relation to door
  • Acoustic floor description :  None
  • Luminance contrast lift door / wall (front) :  Poor
  • colour contrast between floor and walls :  Bad
  • Luminance contrast font / background operation panel :  Medium
  • Bevelled door rim :  No
  • Width behind :  1220 mm
  • Height over floor :  1525 mm
  • Sign placed at door lock level :  No

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  1. Building: Slåtthaug videregående - Bygg C
  2. Entrance: Hovedinngang
  3. Door: Dør - Hovedinngang
  4. Door: Dør til rom 119 - Vestibyle
  5. Room: 119 vestibyle
  6. Lift: Hovedheis
  7. Floor: Etasje 2
  8. Door: Dør til 234 - Korridor
  9. Corridor or road: Kommunikasjonsvei 234 - Korridor
  10. Door: Dør til HCWC
  11. Bathroom and toilet: HCWC