Type of disability: All

Hall with stage: Rom 017 Formidling

Property Measurement Standard
Flooring Wood or linoleum
Seating in hall/auditorium
Total number of seats 98
optional placement of wheelchair no Should be optional
Seating for companion on the side Yes
Space for movement in hall/auditorium
Width of corridor 400 mm Minimum 900 mm
Sound and speech transmission equipment in auditorium
The room is marked with a symbol no Should be marked
Speaker's chair
Lighting 500 lux Minst 200 lux
colour contrast between walls and the room good Skal være god eller middels, luminanskontrast minst 0,2.
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  1. Building: Fyllingsdalen VGS Hovedbygning
  2. Entrance: Hovedinngang
  3. Door: 036 Yttergang
  4. Door: 037 Hall
  5. Surface: 037 Hall
  6. Door: Dør til kommunikasjonsvei 006 gang
  7. Corridor or road: Kommunikasjonsvei 006 1 gang
  8. Corridor or road: Kommunikasjonsvei 006 2 gang
  9. Surface: 006 3
  10. Door: Dør til rom 017 Formidling
  11. Hall with stage: Rom 017 Formidling