Type of disability: All

Door: Dør til trapperom 218

Property Measurement Standard
Door type Single door
Direction of opening Towards destination
The door opens automatically Yes
Contrasting colour to the wall Good Should be good or medium
Door opening
Passage width 870 mm Minimum 860 mm
Height 2050 mm Minimum 2000 mm
Height of threshold 30 mm Maximum 25 mm
Door rim customised with wedge No
Bevelled door rim No Skal være avfaset
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Possible obstacles in the route to here

  • Distance from the inside corner :  0 mm
  • Depth of lift :  1590 mm
  • Mirror :  On the opposite wall in relation to door

You are here

  1. Building: 112193 Nofima (tidl. Fiskeriforskning), Tromsø - Hovedkontor
  2. Entrance: Hovedinngang
  3. Door: Inngangsdør
  4. Door: Port
  5. Corridor or road: Korridor mot heis
  6. Lift: Hovedheis
  7. Floor: 2. etasje
  8. Corridor or road: Korridor til dør til korridor med bibliotek
  9. Door: Dør i korridor til bibliotek
  10. Corridor or road: Korridor 2. eetg forbi bibliotek
  11. Door: Dør til korridor foran vareheis
  12. Corridor or road: Korridor foran vareheis
  13. Door: Dør til trapperom 218