Type of disability: All

Bergen Maritime vg.skole, Hovedbygning

  • Vestre strømkaien 10
  • 5892
  • Bergen Maritime further education school consists of five floors. The main entrance is located on the ground floor and is a short distance from the car parking area, but there are no signed/marked accessible parking spaces. The building has a lift, but no accessible HC toilet. The reception is located in the second floor.

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Destination Type
308 Klasserom Room
314 Ekspedisjon Reception
Auditorium 155 Hall with stage
Auditorium 364 sal Hall with stage
Borresimulator 6 etg. Room
Dør til 108 Klasserom Room
Grupperom 6 etg. Room
HC-parerking Car park
HCWC 1 etg. Bathroom and toilet
HCWC 5 etg. Bathroom and toilet