Type of disability: All

100366 Samisk videregående skole i Kautokeino Hovedbygget

  • Ajastealli 5
  • 9520
  • Kautokeino
  • Building name: Samisk Videreg skole
  • The Samii upper secondary school in Kautokeino is divided into nine building structures. Eight of these are connected on the ground and first floors by corridors. There are steps leading up to the main entrance. There is a leveled entrance at the back of the building. The main entrance leads to a corridor which leads into the reception area, lift and several classrooms. There is a lift between the basement, ground- and first floor. The accessibility is somewhat limited due to high thresholds in the doorways. The overall degree of contrast is good. There are three handicap toilets in the building. There are no handicap parking spaces on site.

    Link: http://www.samisk.vgs.no/side/no/1

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