Type of disability: All

108046 Hammerfest tollsted

  • Postboks 55, Sentrum
  • 9600
  • Hammerfest
  • Building name: HAMMERFEST TOLLSTED
  • The customs station is located on the ground floor. The entrance is fitted with a ramp and automatic door openers. There is also a ramp between the entrance and the reception. There are offices, a meeting room, and a handicap accessible toilet located close to the reception area. There is no handicap parking space, but a municipal handicap parking space is located approximately 25 meters from the main entrance.

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8 destinations found.
Destination Type
Ekspedisjon 115 Reception
Etter rampe Surface
Foran rampe Surface
Foran trapp Surface
HC-WC 117 Bathroom and toilet
Parkering Car park
Repos foran hovedinngang Surface
VF Surface