Type of disability: All

Room: Rom 124 Klasserom

Property Measurement Standard
Flooring Linoleum. vinyl, other
Seating in room
Total number of seating places 60
Number of wheelchair spaces 10 Minimum 10 %
Options for placement of wheelchair Yes
Chairs fixed to floor No
Table fixed to floor (or too heavy to move) No
Space for movement
Width 3000 mm Minst 1500 mm
Depth 3000 mm Minst 1500 mm
Corridor width 1000 mm Minimum 900 mm
Light and contrast conditions in room
Colour contrast good Skal være god eller middels, luminanskontrast minst 0,2.
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  1. Building: Os gymnas ,Hovedbygning
  2. Starting point: Startpunkt
  3. Car park: Parkering
  4. Floor: 1. etg
  5. Entrance: Hovedinngang
  6. Vestibule or hall: Vestibyle
  7. Vestibule or hall: Vestibyle
  8. Door: Dør til 113 Personalrom
  9. Room: Rom 113 Personalrom
  10. Cafeteria, conference room: Rom 131 Elevkantine
  11. Cafeteria, conference room: Rom 131 Elevkantine
  12. Door: Dør til rom 124 Klasserom
  13. Room: Rom 124 Klasserom