Type of disability: All

Library in room: Rom 122 Bibliotek

Property Measurement Standard
General distance between racks 3000 mm At least 1500 mm
Minimum distance between racks 1500 mm At least 1500 mm
General height racks 1980 mm Maximum 1500 mm
Maximum height racking 1980 mm Maximum 1800 mm
Height of lowest shelf in rack 310 mm Minimum 300 mm
Stable seats by racking Yes Should be seating close to shelves
Stable seats at the counter / self-service points Yes Should be seating at counter / self service
Arm rests on seats No Should be bevelled
Light, contrast and marking
Brightness by racking 400 lux Minimum 200 lux
Luminance contrast fixtures / background Good Should be good
Marking on floor by important functions such as desks and self-service points No Important features should be marked
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  1. Building: Os gymnas ,Hovedbygning
  2. Starting point: Startpunkt
  3. Car park: Parkering
  4. Floor: 1. etg
  5. Entrance: Hovedinngang
  6. Vestibule or hall: Vestibyle
  7. Vestibule or hall: Vestibyle
  8. Door: Dør til 113 Personalrom
  9. Room: Rom 113 Personalrom
  10. Cafeteria, conference room: Rom 131 Elevkantine
  11. Door: Dør til rom 122 Bibliotek
  12. Library in room: Rom 122 Bibliotek