Type of disability: All

Reception: Rom 137 Ekspedisjon

Property Measurement Standard
Height of the desk 1080 mm
Seating arrangement Yes Should be seating
Flooring Linoleum, vinyl, other
Visual queuing system No
Space in front of the desk
Width 3000 mm At least 1500 mm
Depth 1500 mm At least 1500 mm
Desk accessible for wheelchair users
Height of section adapted for seated persons 725 mm Maximum 800 mm
Width of part adapted for sitting 1000 mm Minimum 1000 mm
Height of section adapted for seated persons 1080 mm
Width of parts altered for persons standing 1815 mm
Height under desk 700 mm
Wheelchair can fit under the table Yes
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  1. Building: Arna vg- Yrkesskole, Hovedbygning/Administrasjon
  2. Starting point: Startpunkt
  3. Car park: Parkering
  4. Entrance: Hovedinngang
  5. Vestibule or hall: Vestibyle
  6. Vestibule or hall: Vestibyle
  7. Door: Dør til 137 Ekspedisjon
  8. Reception: Rom 137 Ekspedisjon