Type of disability: All

Bathroom and toilet: HC-WC 278

Property Measurement Standard
Door handle has fittings for wheelchair users No Should be found if the door is outward opening
Size of room
Breadth 2270 mm
Depth 2260 mm
Space for movement in bathroom/toilet
Width 1500 mm Minst 1500 mm
Depth 1500 mm Minst 1500 mm
Passage/corridor width 900 mm Minimum 900 mm
Space to the left of WC 920 mm Minimum 900 mm
Space to the right of WC 1000 mm Minimum 900 mm
Height of the toilet seat 500 mm Between 480 and 500 mm.
Distance before toilet to back wall (deactivated) 900 mm Minst 700mm
Luminance contrast toilet / background Medium Should be good or medium
Safety in bath
Circuit breakers and electrical equipment in bathroom/toilet
Height of light switch 1200 mm Mellom 800 og 1200 mm
Distance from inner corner light switch 1000 mm Minimum 500 mm
Light and contrast conditions in bathroom/toilet
Contrast between wall and floor Medium Should be good or medium
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Possible obstacles in the route to this destination

  • Distance from the inside corner :  0 mm
  • Depth of lift :  1590 mm
  • Mirror :  On the opposite wall in relation to door

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  1. Building: 112193 Nofima (tidl. Fiskeriforskning), Tromsø - Hovedkontor
  2. Entrance: Hovedinngang
  3. Door: Inngangsdør
  4. Door: Port
  5. Corridor or road: Korridor mot heis
  6. Lift: Hovedheis
  7. Floor: 2. etasje
  8. Corridor or road: Korridor til dør til korridor med bibliotek
  9. Door: Dør i korridor til bibliotek
  10. Corridor or road: Korridor 2. eetg forbi bibliotek
  11. Door: Dør til korridor foran vareheis
  12. Corridor or road: Korridor foran vareheis
  13. Door: Dør til trapperom 218
  14. Corridor or road: Trappehus 218
  15. Door: Dør til trapperom 259
  16. Corridor or road: Korridor foran trapp
  17. Staircase: Trapp til 2 etg 260 - 272
  18. Corridor or road
  19. Corridor or road: Til Rom 267
  20. Door: Dør til HC-WC 278
  21. Bathroom and toilet: HC-WC 278