Type of disability: All

Ramp: Til hovedinngang

Property Measurement Standard
Length of longest section 3930 mm
Total length 9300 mm
Width 1320 mm Minimum 900 mm
Incline 8 % Maksimalt 6,67% (1:15) , maksimalt 8,33% (1:12) for ramper under 3 m.
Surface Smooth/even Skal ha jevn overflate
edge protector Yes
Staircase as alternative Yes
Guide lines over platform Straight
Length 1000 mm At least 1500 mm
Width 1000 mm Minimum 1500 mm in case wheelchair must turn
Railing ramp
Length past upper end 0 mm Minimum 300 mm
Length past lower end 0 mm Minimum 300 mm
Distance from wall 80 mm Minimum 50 mm
Openings 420 mm Maximum 100 mm
Handrail - diameter 50 mm Mellom 40 og 45 mm
Handrail - shape Round Skal gi godt grep
Continuous handrail Yes Should be continuous
Type of railing Double-sided Must be double-sided
Luminance contrast handrail / background Medium At least moderate
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  1. Building: 108046 Hammerfest tollsted
  2. Ramp: Til hovedinngang