Type of disability: All

Door: Til klinikken

Property Measurement Standard
Door type Single door
Direction of opening Towards destination
The door opens automatically Not relevant
Contrasting colour to the wall Good Should be good or medium
Door opening
Passage width 900 mm Minimum 860 mm
Height 2045 mm Minimum 2000 mm
Height of threshold 0 mm Maximum 25 mm
Door rim customised with wedge Yes
Bevelled door rim Yes Skal være avfaset
Door sign
Height over floor 1600 mm Height above floor 1200 mm for signs with Braille, or 1500 mm (the sign´s center line)
Height of lettering 50 mm At least 25 mm, 70 mm if map is higher than 2100 mm above floor (to the center line map)
Contrast Good Should be good
Numbering Not relevant
Braille No
Pictogram No
Sign placed at door lock level No Should be placed at door lock

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  3. Door in entrance or communication path: Hovedinngang
  4. Door in entrance or communication path: Dør fra vindfang
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  6. Door: Til klinikken