"Bygg for alle" help

Searching for a building

  • Click "Search page" in the menu to open the search page.

  • Enter the name or part of the name of a building, an area or a destination in the field entitled "Search text".

  • You can customise the search and the information you receive by filtering for the relevant disability. Check off the disabilities you want to include in your search on the search page. For instance, if you wish to view the accessibility for wheel chair users, check the box entitled "Wheel chair user". If you do not select any specific disabilities, the criteria for Universal Design will be displayed.

  • Click the button labelled "Search". Your results will be displayed promptly.

Viewing information regarding accessibility

  • To view information on accessibility, search for a relevant building (see "Searching for a building"). The result of the search is displayed on the screen as hyperlinks. Click the desired link, and you will be presented with a list of destinations in the building you've chosen.

  • To view detailed information regarding specific destinations, click the link for that destination. You will then be presented with the various measurements that have been taken of the destination, as well as any barriers/obstacles that can make the destination inaccessible. More detailed information is available for each obstacle. The accessibility information displayed is based upon the disabilities you have chosen to filter your search.

  • To view detailed information as to why an obstacle hinders accessibility, click the link for the obstacle. You will then be presented with detailed information why the obstacle is inaccessible with the chosen disability. The column marked "Measurement" shows what value has been measured for the barrier. The column marked "Standard" shows what value the barrier should have in order to achieve the demands and requirements for the chosen disability.

  • At the bottom of the page showing the destinations and barriers you will see the path you need to take to reach the specific destinations, starting at the entrance of the building.

Displaying accessibility information in Norwegian

To view accessibility information in Norwegian, simply click on the link in the top menu entitled "På norsk". The information will then be displayed in Norwegian.